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Cabezal Design Spot 575B

Cabezal Design Spot 575B

Cabezal Design Spot 575B

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    Cabeza mobil 24 canales DMX-512, lampara MSR 575/2

Cabeza movil Elation

The Design Spot 575B by Elation Professional is an intelligent moving head spot featuring 8 static dichroic color ilters and 2 gobo wheels one with 6 rotating/indexing gobos and another with 7 static gobos with continuous, variable speed of each wheel scrolling in both directions. Additional features include rotating 3facet prism, iris, focus, dimmer and shutter. The unit is available in black or white casing and is powered by Philips MSR 575/2 discharge lamp providing up to 1,000 hours estimated lamp life. Rated at IP20 this unit is designed for indoor applications only and can operate from a user selectable 90/120/208/240v via the internal power supply. Control data input is via 3 pin or 5 pin DMX data in and out connections. This unit provides a unique omega clamp mounting bracket assembly that integrates the hanging yoke as well as the safety cable rigging point in one and includes 2 x 1/4 turn Omega clamps.
 . 8 Colors + 6 Rotating & 7 Static Gobos
 . Phillips MSR575/2 Lamp
 . 15° Beam Angle
 . Modular Construction
 . 3 Facet Rotating Prism
 . 8 replaceable dichroic filters, 7 color, UV + White
 . Continuous, variable speed, color scrolling in both directions (rainbow effect)
 . More color combinations possible by overlaying the dichroic colors on the color wheel + CMY
 . 2 gobo wheels: 6 rotating & 7 static gobos
 . 6 interchangeable, indexing, rotating gobos plus open
 . 7 interchangeable, static gobos plus open
 . Metal Gobo Size: 26.9mm outside, 23mm image diameter
 . Glass Gobo Size: 26.7mm outside, 23mm image diameter
 . Gobo overlay (gobo morphing)
 Special Effects
 . 3-facet rotating/indexing prism
 . Both directions at variable speeds
 . Macro-function for rotating gobos/rotating prism combinations
 . Variable speed iris (5% - 100%)
 . Motor driven focus from near to far
 . Variable speed strobe effect (1-13) flashes per second
 . Pre-set variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect
 . Dual Flag mechanical dimming system
 Light Source
 . 6,630 Lux / 616 FC @ 16 feet / 5 meters
 . Lamp life: 1,000hrs 7,500°k, 575W
 . Lamp: Phillips MSR575/2
 Optical System
 . 15° beam angle
 . High output luminous-parabolic dichroic reflector
 . All lenses are anti-reflection coated
 . Maximum PAN-movement 630° in 2.0 secs or 540°/16 bit
 . Maximum TILT-movement 265° in 1.5 secs / 16 bit
 . Automatic pan / tilt position correction
 . Pan/tilt lock
 . Vector mode with blackout
 . 24 DMX Channels, 3 DMX modes - 13/15/20
 . 32-Character LCD display
 . USITT DMX-512 (16-bit resolution)
 . RDMX - Remote DMX Addressing
 . On board menu settings
 . Sound active mode
 Operation Parameters
 . DB Rating: 55.9db@ 3’ / 1m
 . Rigging: 2 x 1/4 turn Omega brackets
 Power Supply
 . Magnetic ballast
 . Voltage 90- 240vAC 50/60Hz
 . Power consumption: 600W
 . 3-pin & 5-pin XLR serial input/output
 Dimensions and Weight
 . Dimensions (L x W x H): 18.7“ x 14.4“ x 24.4“ / 470 x 367 x 620mm (Head up)
 . Weight: 63.8 lbs / 29 kg

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